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Legacy zXP is a performance enhancing product that focusís on increasing online transaction throughput, whilst gaining additional benefits, namely:





Reduced zOS Monthly Licensing Costs


Online transaction performance increase by up to 70%


Easy product installation


No IPL or major system configuration











Ability to Switch Transactions On / Off on the fly


Administration console


zOS and COBOL IMS, NATURAL and HOGAN Compatible


NO modification to transaction or runtime code


Performance Stats


During testing, zXP has indicated exceptional performance statistics, with some transactions showing as much as 70% decrease in CPU usage. These statistic are a good indication that our 30% saving is merely a minimum indication

The table  indicates the average CPU in milliseconds on a test transaction. zXP was switched on 09:12 and then off at 11:58


How does Legacy zXP work


No need to IPL the system, Legacy zXP is that easy to install. No additional COBOL, Natural nor HOGAN configurations or modifications.

With minimal effort a new region is created using our well documented installation guides. Once completed, simply redirect the existing transaction to the new Region with minimal configuration and let Legacy zXP do the rest.

The transaction can be switch ON or OFF via the administration console, allowing on the fly configuration and recycling of regions. Never before has such a performance tool been so easy to install and administer.


Cost Saving


An estimated minimum 30% saving on online transactions

The graph below is a simple representation of the estimated 30% saving a customer may experience after installing Legacy zXP. These savings are not only monetary but performance based too. Your LOB applications and end users will instantly see quicker response times.


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Why should we buy zXP?

Reduce costs and save on your OPEX budget. Use the savings to invest in other initiatives or reflect the cost saving.




What happens if we don't renew our usage license for zXP?
The product will no longer function and will automaticlly switch off and resume original transaction processing.




Do I have to have maintenance and support for zXP?
Yes, this entitles you to the software usage license.


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